Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Months Old Already... I Know.

Time has flown by so quickly. Zaden Thomas Dalton is now 6 months old. He's such a sweetheart! In this picture he is holding is own bottle. Crazy I know! Lol. He roll's everywhere, from back to belly and then belly to back. He's very strong! Scott has also taught him how to "high five." It is the cuttest thing ever! He also click's his tongue along with you. He's the happiest baby! Also he has two bottom teeth that are fully grown in. Sometimes he's a handful, but we love every minute of it. ;) We are so proud of our little monster. He's learning so much as he's growing.


  1. He is growing up! So fast! And I still haven't seen him ....

  2. I know... let's plan a lunch date?!

  3. he is such a cutie!! i cant believe he is 6 months already..


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