Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Months Old

Zaden turned 3 months old on his daddy's birthday, December 15, 2009. He has learned so much. He tries to sit up on his own. It's so cute to watch! He will be sitting up all by himself for a minute or two and all of a sudden he crashes. We just sit him back up and he tries again. He loves it! Another thing he's learned is grabbing things. Last night we were in the kitchen and he was in the living room jumping in his jumper. We walk back in and he has his radle in his hand shaking it. It was amazing seeing him playing like that. He's getting to become quit the big boy. Also a new thing is his cute little giggle. It only happens here and there. We discovered it a few days ago when I was tickling him. Awe!! Nothing is sweeter than hearing a baby laugh. xOxo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

1st Christmas Party

Zaden sat on Santa's lap for the first time. I thought he would be just fine, I thought wrong. He cried for a little bit and then when everyone started talking to him it calmed him down. It was so adorable!
Every year Scott's mom's side of the family has a Christmas party and we all draw names to buy for one another. Zaden's cousin Lucas had him and vise versa. So before everyone gives their gift we give hugs. So Lucas gave Zaden the biggest little hug. It's so cute! Zaden had a great time. He was talking to everyone and checking them all out. He's getting smarter by the second. xOxo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Plaid family

Thanksgiving we decided to go to my parents house. It was beautiful!! My mother did a great job! My grandparents came and along with my two brothers and their little family's. I love getting together with family. It's the best.
Well my sister in law took this photo of me, Scott and Zaden. It wasn't until I realized that we were all wearing plaid. Lol!! I try to match my self but didn't realize I was secretly doing it with the boy's as well. Oh well... we look good. xOxo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tummy Time

Tummy Time. My future mother in law told me about this. It's time the baby spends on his tummy so he isn't always laying flat on his back. It's to prevent flat head.
When we first tried it he wasn't too sure what to think. He got a little upset. I think it was because I didn't get down on the floor with him. So as soon as I did, he loved it. It's actually making his neck and arms stronger. After a few minutes he starts to get irritated by it, it seems. So we turn him around and try to sit him up on his bobby. I think he likes it better sitting up. We try to do it at least once every day. Sometimes he will just fall a sleep on it. It's adorable! xOxo

Favorite spot to nap

Zaden's new place to nap is right on mommy's chest. For a while I could hold him until he fell a sleep and lay him in his bed. As of today I try to lay him down he wakes right back up and wont fall back to sleep until I put him on my chest. I love to cuddle with him but sometimes I can't do it all day. I have things that need to get done. But of course I'm going to stop what I'm doing to cuddle with him. I'm sure it will end when he gets older. So I'm taking advantage now. I'm sure going to miss these days. I love you son. Love mommy. xOxo

2 months old

I can't believe how much time flys. Our little guy is already 2 months old. He has so much personality. It's amazing!! For a couple of weeks now he has been able to hold his head up on his own and try to stand with a little of our help. He talks so much, well baby talk. It's adorable! Sometimes Scott will put Zaden's feet on the floor and practice baby steps. It's funny cause he's so little. He's starting to smile even more when you talk to him. Certain things make him happy, but if you try to do it again he won't smile, he's over it. Time to move to the next thing to make him happy. We put his mobile with a projector up in his bassinet. He loves it!! He looks up at and can just talk to it, smile at it, and sometimes laugh a little at it. We can put him in there and he will stay content for a while. That's his favorite toy for now.

Baby's 1st Halloween

We decided to dress Zaden up as a pumpkin for Halloween. He is about 1 month and 2 weeks old here. When I first put the costume on him he was looking at the hood from the corner of his eye's. They say baby's can see orange and a couple other color's at this age. So he seemed over whelmed with it. I wanted to take cute Halloween pictures of him. So we had our own little photo shoot. Lol. He was okay at first with it. Then he started to get tired. I had to give him his binky. He loves that thing. Anyways... this photo is one of many that we took. Scott just laughed at me and couldn't believe exactly how many we did take that day.
On the day of Halloween. We took him to see his grandma and grandpa Dalton and then his Papa and grandma Buffie. He slept through out it all.

1st month

Zaden started to smile when he became a month old. He usually only smiled and giggled in his sleep. Now he smiles when he's awake. It is so very cute!! Me and Scott would even tear up a little when we hear or see him do one or the other. It's such an amazing feeling to know that your baby is happy.

First couple week's home with baby Z

The first couple of week's home with the baby was interesting. Learning what we had to do to keep Zaden peaceful. Me getting up every two to three hours to feed. Most of the time Scott would get up with us to help out as much as he could. He was and still is a very happy baby, easy to please. If anything happened with him, his dad was right there to google it and find out what was going on with him. The day Scott had to go back to work he was such a worry wort. He got up early to make sure I had everything I needed to take care our little guy. He called every chance he had to see how Zaden was doing. Scott is a wonderful dad!! I don't know what we would do without him. We love him so very much.

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