Monday, December 14, 2009

1st Christmas Party

Zaden sat on Santa's lap for the first time. I thought he would be just fine, I thought wrong. He cried for a little bit and then when everyone started talking to him it calmed him down. It was so adorable!
Every year Scott's mom's side of the family has a Christmas party and we all draw names to buy for one another. Zaden's cousin Lucas had him and vise versa. So before everyone gives their gift we give hugs. So Lucas gave Zaden the biggest little hug. It's so cute! Zaden had a great time. He was talking to everyone and checking them all out. He's getting smarter by the second. xOxo


  1. Cute cute cute! He is getting big!

  2. Hi Miranda,
    This is Anngie Baker Youngberg. I saw your blog through Beth's blog, I hope you don't mind. Congrats on your new baby, he absolutely adorable (i love babies) and also congrats on your engagement! My blog is private but if you'd like I could send ya an "invite" to my blog. Just send me your email address on facebook. I am probably the only person who prefers blogger over facebook:)


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