Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favorite spot to nap

Zaden's new place to nap is right on mommy's chest. For a while I could hold him until he fell a sleep and lay him in his bed. As of today I try to lay him down he wakes right back up and wont fall back to sleep until I put him on my chest. I love to cuddle with him but sometimes I can't do it all day. I have things that need to get done. But of course I'm going to stop what I'm doing to cuddle with him. I'm sure it will end when he gets older. So I'm taking advantage now. I'm sure going to miss these days. I love you son. Love mommy. xOxo


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We are engaged to be married. Just had our wonderful, handsome son Zaden. And just living our life to the fullest. Everything is great!! xOxo