Monday, February 15, 2010

Z is 5 months Old Today

Zaden is 5 months old today. February 15, 2010. We took this photo last Sat. for Valentines Day cards. He had so much fun! He just learned how to roll over, well once that is. Were trying on doing it at least once a day. He now eats all his veggies and fruits, baby food that is. He loves all of them!! We also started him on baby apple juice. He will hold it and put it in his mouth. It usually last a few seconds or so until he drops it. He's learning though. Also he tried the biter biscuits and enjoyed them very much. Did I mention that he's getting teeth?! Well he is getting two on the bottom in the front. Poor thing!! He also is a big talker. He wakes up in the best mood in the morning and just talks away. So adorable! xOxo.


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We are engaged to be married. Just had our wonderful, handsome son Zaden. And just living our life to the fullest. Everything is great!! xOxo