Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Birth of our son Zaden Thomas Dalton

Zaden Thomas Dalton came into our lives on Tuesday September 15, 2009 at 5:14 pm and weighed 7lbs 2oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

He was a C-section baby, not planned at all. We had a great pregnancy but when we were 38 weeks along the amniotic fluid was running low and the placenta had a lot of calcium around it and was crusted, so it was getting old. My doctor, Dr. Krista Anders, here in Tooele, decided it was time to induce me. So we went in at 5:00 pm on Monday September 14, 2009 to be admitted to the O.B at Mountain West Medical Center. They gave me something to help soften the uterus. I knew what it was at the time but couldn't tell you now. I think I still have "Baby Brain" as they call it. So then everything went well until the next day. At about 10:00 am they decided to break my water. It was a weird experience. I then started to have contractions, they were small ones but still painful. I held out for as long as I could. The nurse gave me a pain medicine to help me out a bit and that stuff just made me sick and dizzy. After that wore out the contractions got worse. So I asked the nurse for more pain medicine, thinking the next amount wouldn't faze me but it did the exact same. Made me sick and dizzy. At that point my lovely boyfriend Scott decided to purpose to me. He looked a little pale him self. He started to go on about our lives together and how happy he is. I had no idea he was purposing. I just thought he was sharing his feelings. Then I had to stop him and make him grab a bucket for me so I can throw up from the medicine. After that was over with Scott started to repeat himself. That's when it clicked in my head what was going on. It was so beautiful! Funny how it happened but he made the most happiest girl in the world.

Back to the contractions. They started to get even worse so that's when I told the nurse it was time for the epidural. I was so nervous when they were getting it ready. It wasn't painful at all. After that it was smooth sailing, so I thought. I couldn't feel the contractions at all or feel my leg's. They were worried that I wouldn't be able to push so they stopped the epidural. Me and Scott both decided to take a nap while we waited for our bundle of joy. About and hour or so later my doctor came in to check to see what I was dialated at, it was a 9. So she wanted me to try to push. That's when they noticed the baby's heart rate was going up to 180 when a contraction would come along. So when I would push it only made his heart rate go up even more. Finally I was dialated to a 10 and we started to push even harder. I had my honey holding one leg, my mother holding the other and my future mother in law up by my left arm. Everyone was helping me to push but it wasn't good enough. My doctor ordered an emergency C-section. I was so scared of that. I didn't want it and I started to cry and almost hyperventilate. I told my need to calm down for that baby. So I did.

On my way to the operating room, Scott was assuring me everything will be OK and I believed him. They lifted me onto the table and was getting me ready. I had no clue when my doctor actually started to cut. That's when they let Scott come into the room. He was in a white tyvek with a hair net and mask. He sat by me and held my hand the hole time. He would peak over the curtain to see everything. I could feel it all. It didn't hurt, just felt weird. At least I could still feel the baby coming out. I was afraid I wouldn't. Then Scott said in an amazed voice "There he is babe". And they showed me him for a second or two. He was so amazing and a big boy too. Scott then went to help them check him and clean him off a bit and wrap him up to come see me some more. They brought him over to me by my head and all I remember was his beautiful eyes just staring at me. I couldn't believe it. My baby boy was here. That was the most happiest time of my life.

As they were putting me back together, Scott was over in the O.B with Zaden. He was getting cleaned and weighed. My parents were there along with Scott's parents. My brother and his wife, Scott's brother and sister, and my best friends. All to see the new baby boy born into our lives. What an amazing day!! I love you Zaden Thomas Dalton and your daddy who gave you to me. You are my world!! ;)

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